molecular glue degraders

Targeted protein degradation is an innovative pharmacological paradigm that has revolutionized the way we think about drugs. Most conventional small molecules only block specific functions of disease-causing proteins and are limited to a very restricted target space. Molecular glue degraders instead cause the complete elimination of harmful proteins and constitute a new avenue towards targeting proteins that were previously considered “undruggable”.

Molecular glue degraders have been historically difficult to identify. At Proxygen, we have developed rational discovery assays that, for the first time, enable the identification and development of novel glue degraders at scale, putting us at the forefront of charting this unexplored chemical space.

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reshaping the druggable space

Molecular glue degraders have an unprecedented potential to tackle disease drivers that have thus far been considered “undruggable”. Proxygen harnesses cutting-edge technology and know-how to exploit this potential, thereby redefining the borders of druggable target space. A wide-spanning network of scientific thought leaders and industry experts contributes to the versatility of Proxygen’s glue degrader identification and development approach. As a Viennese company, we are embedded in the city’s network of high-class science institutions. At the same time, we enjoy broad access to centers of excellence across Europe and the world.


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Located in one of Europe’s leading science hubs, our interdisciplinary team of world-class scientists is committed to changing the way incurable diseases are treated. We are always on the lookout for talented and open-minded individuals who want to be part of this change. A career at Proxygen never stands idle: Our employees dynamically expand their skills and expertise into the fields that are most exciting for sustainable, successful development.