A curious team of explorers, deeply rooted in science, and constantly on the lookout for a very particular novel drug modality. This is us – Proxygen. We hunt for glue degraders. They are the key to unlocking new treatments for patients. They revolutionize how we see and will cure diseases.

We are working in a microcosmos of cells, proteins, and molecules. Our scientists must be smart, deliberate, and cunning to reveal their secrets and to find the right glue degrader for the right protein. And they must rely on the basic science. It’s not only a unique skill, but also an art. The art of glue hunting.


Glue degraders are small molecules that create proximity between a target protein and a ligase, leading to the degradation of the target protein via the natural protein recycling machinery present in every cell.

Compared to other types of drugs, glue degraders have vast advantages: they can target any protein in the cell. They are exceptionally selective against a given target protein. And their effect is catalytic, meaning once a protein is degraded, they move on to the next protein and repeat the cycle.


Deep down you feel that you need to do something that matters. Something that makes your heart race. Something that is ambitious and hard and that gives you the feeling of fulfilment once achieved. You want to be part of a team that values the skill as much as the art, the hand as much as the heart, and the past as much as the future. You want to find out if you have what it takes to become a successful glue hunter. There is no better time than now.